Effort put into self-development, education, and work should always pay off.
With our help, you will believe you can achieve all the three.

  • Our portal is created for employers for whom we seek employees. We are remunarated by them and this is why we do not collect any fees from applicants. On the other hand, it is forbidden.
    We are an employment agency.
    Under the Polish law, activities concerning personnel consultancy and employment services are exclusively performed by employment agencies declared in the register conducted by the Marszall of Voivodship (art. 18 and 18d of the Act of 20 April 2004 on Promotion of Employment and Labour Market Institutions).
    Our agency is registered.
    Under art. 19d of the Act of 20 April 2004 on Promotion of Employment and Labour Market Institutions, agencies are not obliged to collect fees from applicants. Infringment of this prohibition can result in charging us with penalty payment in the amount up to PLN 10.000.
    Our basic activity includes search for professionals from two technical fields for our clients. We seek for them:

    1) IT programmers, IT consultants and IT implementation specialists,
    2) engineers (construction, telecommunications, mechanics, electronics technician, electricians, technologists).

    Professional experience is not required from IT programmers, IT consultants and IT implementation specialists.
    Proven professional experience of minimum 5 years is required in case of jobs specified in point 2.
    We prefer graduates of state institutions of higher education.
    Each applicant who fulfills above-mentioned criteria and wishes to be entered into our database, is obliged to present relevant documents:

    1) their education,
    2) history of employment (professional experience),
    3) other qualifications and competences which they declare.

    References are verified each time. Copies of documents shall be certified by Notary Public and sent to the employment agency in Ukraine.
    Each applicant needs to have a very good command of Ukranian language. Additional English or Polish language skills are a plus. Frequently, having English or Polish skills can be an absolute requirement from employers. Those who use only Russian language will not be taken into account.
    We contact only the selected applicants who we are interested in. Each recruitment has two tiers: the first stage takes place in the agency and refers to collecting and verifying documents and references and job interview in Ukranian language. The other one - procedure at a potential employer's place.
    Recruitment is undertaken in Ukranian language.
    After conclusion of employment contract ( or the other equivalent) with an applicant, we offer, if an employer wishes, legalisation of residence and employment, accommodation, Polish language learning and family reunification.
    Citizens of Ukraine can legally work in Poland ( if they are not holders of the Polish Card) under employment contract. You can work six months during each year without the permit, however, you need to file an application for issuance of residence permit for the purpose of employment with a certain employer to have continuous employment (change of employer requires filing a new application). The employment permit for a citizen of Ukraine can be applied for in their absence in Poland prior to their employment. Under this permit a foreigner is issued with a national visa for the purpose of employment.