• Our agency offers employment services.
    We seek for our clients :

    1) IT programmers, IT consultants and IT implementation specialists,
    2) engineers (construction, telecommunications, mechanics, electronics technician, electricians, technologists).
    Each applicant is thoroughly examined and their education, professional experience and references are verified. Declared foreign language skills (Polish, English and Ukranian) is examined.
    We offer:

    1) employment services (selection and recruitment for a specified post),
    2) legalisation of residence and employment,
    3) language learning for persons recruited,
    4) accommodation for persons recruited,
    5) family reunification.

    Citizens of Ukraine (if they are not holders of the Polish Card) are obliged, in case of employment longer than 6 months in a given year, to get an employment permit issued for a certain employer. A person staying abroad may get an employment permit prior to start of their employment relationship.